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We got to catch up with Eileen Lofgren; artist, jewelry collector, skull designer, humanitarian and the beauty and the brain behind company CHILD OF WILD. The San Diego native launched CHILD OF WILD a little over a year and is already becoming a major go-to for ethnically authentic jewelry from around the globe. And yet the brand is much more than jewelry, a big focus for Lofgren is to acknowledge the artist and cultural tradition behind these beautiful works of art…

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BB: What spawned the brand, how did you get into jewelry, art, etc..

C of W: It was two separate directions that happen to merge into one. In college I had a Bulls Skull from a flea market hanging over my bed and with my ever wandering mind I figured.. why not use it as a canvas. Now I have included researched inspirations into my artwork and every single thing I put on the skulls has a meaning. My jewelry came organically when I was getting REALLY annoyed at some major jewelry designers who literally were ripping EXACT designs from culturally laden jewelry. My Ethiopian collection and Native American collection speaks volumes as to what I am trying to do. You see these designs copied everywhere but to the cultures themselves they mean so much more then just making a profit. They reflect generations of tradition and pride. I wanted to do the research and present my clients with authentic jewelry that give artistic credit. Pamela Love and Unearthen Jewelry are the two brands I have TONS of respect for their original, beautiful designs.

BB: What is CHILD of WILD all about?

C of W: Child of Wild is about awareness in this wild urban jungle we live in. I prefer collected outfits over designed outfits. I want my clients to feel a connection to the pieces that speaks to them and wear them knowing they are apart of a culture bigger then any of us. I was a Humanities major in college, which I think gives me the edge… I come at this not with a business mindset, but a mindset that sees the full circle of our actions and how beautiful and diverse the creative human mind really is and that is who we should be supporting.. Not the over produced cheap shit.

BB: Your skulls!!! Explain please…how did this come about?

C of W: Skulls are rad.. they are a little bit trendy at the moment but I think they are here to stay for awhile. I have a weird infatuation with a Hindu deity Mother Kali: who is interpreted at the reminder of time and death. I think it is an interesting idea to hang something that literally exemplifies death, a skull or bone, and call it beautiful. Subconsciously, maybe we like to mask the idea of death with pretty jewels and things ? : )

BB: How does child of wild reflect who you are?

C of W: I hope it reflects awareness, an interest in cultures and their meaning. It’s a very free spirited idea with an emphasis on love. I am all about flying your freak flag !!! be who you are and love what you do and respect everyone around you. There is nothing more attractive then confidence and a good heart. I know my clients have that.

BB: Where are you from? Does this play into the aesthetic that is Child of Wild, your personal aesthetic?

C of W: I am from a little bit of everywhere, I moved all over the country when I was younger and then San Diego for college. I was very fortunate to be able to travel to other countries as well to get a taste of how big the world is. California plays a big part on my aesthetic… we are so lucky to be surrounded by sunshine, nature and happy good looking people. In LA people are much more daring and much more aggressive. Which I LOVE ! My personal aesthetic is feminine with a little devil: silks and leather, black lace, vixen heels… Gotta have an edge and LA is prime for that.

BB: Where can we get our hands on your pieces?

C of W:  Hot topic at the moment. Of course there is my website But I am also in conversations with some major online stores for a curated collection of vintage or tribal jems and potentially some exclusives. Ill keep you posted ; )

BB: What’s next for Child of Wild?

C of W: Bones: IM SO EXCITED ! I am starting a featured artist section for my cow skulls where I lend out bones to prominent artist to do their thang ! Then I will feature some samples of their art work and inspirations on the website. 5% of bone sales will go to a charity of their choice or my charity: Local Kipp programs that encompass art into their school curriculum.

Jewelry: Keep growing… I am working on curating an amazing Egyptian line as well and trying to get a guys line together.. think vintage Native American Bolo ties and rings and Ethiopian Tuareg jewelry … guys are always left out when it comes to jewelry. Trying to fix that.


• Currently reading…. “Richest man in Babylon” -

• Currently listening to… “Fume” I seriously cannot get enough of him. Depending on the day you will walk by my studio and hear the likes of Nico, Die Antwoord, Neil Young, Jefferson Airplane, Sigur Ros, Nicholas Jarr, Devendra etc. etc. …. I am seriously all over the place. I don’t do country though.. I just cant.

• Currently browsing…(website, blog, etc) Bikini Bird (duh), Moon to Moon, Oracle Fox, Colossal and who doesn’t love Spell & the Gypsy Collective. HUGE on Pinterest and health blogs (I’m way into how f*cked up our food industry is)

• A show to never miss…(art, music, etc) RADIOHEAD !!!!! I’ve seen them live twice its such such a trip. Saw Moby DJ at Coachella and that was AMAZING.

visit CHILD OF WILD here 

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